Guided Bike Tour Key West

You Do Not Have to Be in Prime Physical Condition to Enjoy a Guided Bike Tour Key West.

Do not let the fact that you are not an everyday cyclist stop you from enjoying yourself this vacation. You can take a pedal bike tour without being extremely physically fit. We go at a comfortable conversational pace, and the point of the tour is getting to know our historical city, not getting a full-body cardio workout. We often stop to see sights and to discuss pivotal historical points.


If you can handle a brisk walk then you should be able to fully enjoy our pedal bike tour of the area. We cruise the best of old Key West in true keys fashion with a laid back fun pace, a vivacious attitude, and an easy way of communicating. Each bike is in prime condition, each rider will find a big bottle of water in their basket to get them through the tour which can last up to three hours depending on the group, and of course, each tour will end with a perfect slice of Key Lime pie. We also provide helmets if you would like.


We do private tours, so if you think your group will get a kick out of cycling together around the city contact us to find out about booking a time just for you. Enjoy the sites with your best friends, make your birthday party memorable, or just book a tour for your buds for no reason at all. We don't care, we are just happy to have an excuse to enjoy the ride and teach more people about our lovely historical city. Book your guided bike tour Key West today to make your visit to our lovely city an even better experience.

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