Meet our guides

Herman Ellis


             Herman Ellis, Mascot

Herman was adopted from the Florida Keys SPCA in March of 2018. He takes his job as our official greeter very seriously and will gladly sniff you as you come into the shop! His favorite thing to do in the world is anything that takes him no more than 2 feet away from his Daddy, Christopher. His favorite song is Led Zeppelin's "The Immigrant Song", and his favorite snack is the next one! If you ever play tug of war with him and manage to win it will be the first time ever!

Herman Ellis

Dottie Ellis


                  Dottie Ellis, Mascot

Dottie was adopted from the local SPCA in July 2019. She thinks her job as official greeter is to show off her great wrestling moves on Herman, starting as soon as anyone walks in. One of her favorite things is to zoom down the hallway at home, launching herself over the couch, turn around, launch back over the couch and zoom back down the hall. A million times in a row. Her favorite food is any kind of street food, meaning food found lying in the street, not ethnic street food. Her favorite song is Rage Against the Machine's "Killing in the Name Of", but surprisingly she gives very sweet and gentle kisses.

PeeWee Ellis

                                                                             PeeWee Ellis, Mascot

PeeWee was adopted from the Florida Keys SPCA on Stock Island, which is the next island north of Key West, about 4 miles from the bike shop. Fortunately it’s a no kill shelter, because he was there for 14 months before being adopted! We adopted him in July 2012, and he was our mascot until December 29, 2017, when he passed away unexpectedly. He loved to go for long walks, ride in the car, and chase chickens and iguanas. His favorite snack was stale bread, and favorite song was Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". We miss him dearly, but if you take a peek at the laptop on the desk of the shop you'll probably catch a few pics of him on the screensaver!

Tom Gentry, Manager/Guide

Tom is from Rockford, IL, but his heart has always belonged to the sea. In the past he's been an Aerospace Prototype Technician (what?), corporate photographer, and recently retired from being an IT manager. He was also an on-track high performance driving instructor, enjoys racing in 200 mile bike rides, and for some reason has ridden his bike across Iowa 15 times. If he hit the lottery he'd probably still be living on his boat like he is now, but would be permanently cruising, looking for the best Chicago Style Deep Dish Pizza and the coldest Guinness!

Tom Gentry


Sarah (with an “H”) Goodwin, Guide

Sarah is from Greenfield, MA. She also lived in Manhattan for years, bartending at a famous drag-queen restaurant by night and working for a prestigious literary agency by day.  In addition to guiding for KLBT she has many other things on her plate. She’s also a kayak guide and literary tour guide, a freelance travel writer who writes for Keys Style magazine, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Key West Wildlife Center. In her spare time (if she has any) she loves karaoke, and won’t say no if you want to buy her some tequila.

Sarah Goodwin

"Diver" Dave Krause

Dave Krause, Guide

Dave was born in Ft. Worth, Texas. His father was in the USAF for 33 years, retiring as a Brigadier General. Because of this he traveled extensively, living in foreign countries and learning to make new friends every few years. He's been to 12 different countries, with one of his most memorable trips being with a girlfriend he met here in Key West. They went to Budapest, then drove over the Zell Am See to go skiing in the Austrian Alps. In addition to guiding bike tours he's also a PADI dive instructor/OPS mgr for Southpoint divers, and his full time gig is as a C.F.E. Property Appraiser for Monroe County, (the county Key West is located). He enjoys dining on the bountiful fruits of the sea from the waters off Key West, and never changes the channel when David Bowie's "Man Who Sold the World" comes on. If he hit the lottery he'd split his time between a log cabin in the Colorado Rockies and a little Shotgun House in Old Town Key West, after a brief stint in rehab from going overboard at his unexpected windfall of course!

Bruce Mitchell

Bruce Mitchell, Guide

Bruce was born in Jefferson, MO, but lived most of his life in Athens, OH. He was in the newspaper business for 37 years but always dreamed of living in Key West. When he retired, fortunately his wife agreed with him and here they are. He's an avid baseball fan, and roots for the Cubs, Indians, Reds, and whoever is playing the Yankees. In his spare time he enjoys snorkeling at Fort Zach, riding his bike, and sound checks at the Green Parrot. If you do get him as your guide keep an eye on him as he's been known to get so excited telling our story that he's fallen off his bike!




Kristina (KP) Pendleton, Guide

Our other Air Force Brat, KP was born in Colorado Springs but grew up in Connecticut. She first came to Key West to work at Sea Camp in 2010, and has been here full time since 2016. She's actually a Marine Biologist who works at the Key West Aquarium full time, but loves showing off our island on her days off. When she does have a real day off she enjoys snorkeling (of course), cooking, calligraphy, and she's actually pretty good at solving the daily cryptograph in the paper! As far as travel, she has been to Paris, and also went to Canada when she was 18 and in college. However the drinking age in that province was 19 so she just stayed in the hotel while her friends went out and partied.

James Pierce

James Pierce, Guide

James was born in Washington State but pretty much grew up in Dubuque, Iowa. Eventually he moved to Japan and taught English for over 15 years, becoming conversant in Japanese. He also spent a few years in Thailand and a year in India before coming back to the States. All in all he thinks he’s been in about 15 different countries, but may have forgotten one or two of the dull ones. In 2011 he decided to walk across the United States, starting on the west coast and eventually making his way to the end of the road, Key West. When he's not conducting tours for us you’ll find him playing his banjo on Duval Street. Yes, he’s the guy in the Darth Vader costume! In his spare time he likes reading classics such as “Moby Dick” and anything by Dickens. Other random talents are unicycle riding and solving Rubik’s cubes. If he hit the lottery he claims that he’d still be doing bike tours as he likes this sort of work, but his teeth would probably be whiter.

Yvonne Jefferson, Guide

Yvonne Jefferson

Yvonne was born in New Brunswick, NJ. She visited Key West on a day trip and just never left! She's been a bike mechanic and is passionate about biking. She even rides her bike to work, even though she lives only a block away from the shop! If she could she'd eat pizza and fries for breakfast, lunch and dinner. She love listening to any kind of music all day long, and even though she's not a huge fan of country it's growing on her. If you didn't pick up from her picture she kinda likes Harry Potter too!



Our Army Brat is Lauren, who was born in Nuremberg, Germany. She pretty much grew up in Northwest Florida, coming to Key West in 2015. She's a big history buff, and also works at the Ghosts and Gravestones tour. Like most of us here at KLBT, she loves to travel, with Morocco being her current most exotic vacation destination. She loves reading, crafting, and hopes to finish her Swedish Weaving project soon. It's only been 13 years! Oh, and she's never met a bad Dad joke she didn't like!

Lauren Shepard, Guide

Bill Binder

Bill Binder, Guide


Bill was born in Portland, Oregon and has lived in Oregon, California, Michigan, South Carolina, Michigan, Texas, and Michigan (in chronological order). Apparently he likes Michigan! In 2012, in spite of having no job prospects and no place to live, Bill and his wife sold, gave or threw away everything that wouldn't fit in their used convertible and drove it to the end of the road. They have lived in Old Town Key West ever since. He graduated from Michigan State University and originally wanted to be a DJ until he found out how much the job paid. Bill loves SCUBA diving and travel, both of which are passions that he shares with his wife. They have been to more states than he can count (he tops out at 20 using fingers and toes) and 18 countries, as well as Puerto Rico. After 30 years as a software engineer he recently retired and decided that it's now time to enjoy life and share his passion for Key West with anyone who will listen. Oh, and maybe go see the grandbabies too!


Lauren Shepard

Steve Tresh, Guide

Steve Tresh

Steve is originally from Michigan. He has also lived in a few more exotic locales like Breckenridge, CO and Nantucket, MA, and now of course lives in one the the most exotic locales, Key West. Another avid traveler, he's visited 17 countries and 46 states, and every major city in the US except Houston and Philadelphia (Christopher is holding that against him!). When he's not working he enjoys watching his Detroit sports teams (Christopher feels bad for him there!), reading John Grisham novels, listening to the Smashing Pumpkins, and beer, especially if you're buying!

Jeff Eisenberg, Guide

Jeff was born in Cleveland, OH. As a child he was more interested in reading encyclopedias or novels instead of watching TV or playing games, which probably explains why he got beat up often. He first came to Key West when he was 15 years old, and many times over the years drove a 24 foot motor home over the old 20 foot wide bridges on the Overseas Highway. He graduated from Ohio State, headed to Chicago for a year, and then decided he didn’t want to grow up so he moved to Key West. After a year living a hedonistic lifestyle he woke up one morning and decided if he didn’t leave and grow up he probably never would. So he packed up his Pinto Wagon with as much as he could, gave away everything he couldn’t fit, and headed back to Cleveland that afternoon. 

In Cleveland he opened up a gourmet cookware/ cooking school, then some restaurants, bars, and finally the “La Bodega” sandwich shops that he owns with his partner of 26 years and counting, our fellow guide Mike. He also has rehabbed/ gentrified many buildings in Cleveland over the years, and travels as much as possible. About 11 years ago he realized that he had come full circle in life and had grown up too much, so he moved back to Key West and eventually got the dream job of doing bike tours of Key West.


"YoYo" was born in Cruguel, which is a small village in Brittany, France. She studied in Paris for her BA in Foreign Language/ Sociology and came to America to head to Tulane in New Orleans to finish her studies. Fortunately for us she first stopped in Key West, met her current husband Paul, and decided to make this her home! That was back in 1982. Over the years she's owned a few restaurants in town (French of course!), taught High School French, and is the French interpreter for our local hospital and courthouse when needed. She loves to travel, with some of her favorite adventures being backpacking across Canada when she was 19 years old, hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu then floating down the Amazon, and hiking in the Himalayas in 2017. When she is here in KW she loves playing tennis, boating, and of course fine wines! If you're lucky you may get her to teach you some ballroom dance moves!

Yolande Findlay, Guide

Yolande Findlay

Jeff Eisenberg

Mike Weigand

Mike Weigand, Guide

Mike was born in Millersburg, Ohio. If anyone knows of anything historically important that happened there please update that town’s Wikipedia page! He managed to make his way to the big city of Cleveland, and over the years worked in corporate America, did every job in the restaurant and bar industry, and even was the cheerleading coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers! Today he splits his time between Key West and Cleveland, where he owns the “La Bodega” sandwich shops with his partner and fellow bike guide Jeff. In his spare time he likes to do yoga and Pilates, kayak, and spend time with his 3 Old English Sheepdogs. He’s also an avid traveler who’s been to over 50 countries, but still manages to find time to volunteer for the Cleveland SPCA.


Sara Carballo

Sara (no “H”) Carballo, Guide

Sara was born  in Bayonne, NJ. While growing up in Roselle Park, NJ, she worked in her family's Italian restaurants, cooking and delivering pizza. She went to school in Boston, working in restaurant kitchens there until she almost got fired for talking too much. That's when she made the switch to bartending! She has worked in some award winning craft beer bars there and here in Key West. She also works in a dive shop, is a chef on a private charter boat, and takes our guests on bike tours. She's proud of the fact that in all of  her jobs she can work in flip flops! Sara is an avid bicyclist, and has put over 5,000 miles on her current ride. One day she hopes to sail  off into the sunset with her boyfriend Tommy, but thinks she should probably learn to sail first.


Irena Dalton, Guide

Irena is the second most famous person born in Ulyanovsk, Russia. The first would be Lenin. She wanted to come to the USA since she was a little girl, and majored in English at her university in Russia to help her achieve her dream. She arrived in America and lived for a while in Cape May, NJ, before settling here in Key West.

Irena Dalton

She also manages the Cuban Coffee Queen restaurants, but spends as much time as possible with her son Eddie. She's proud that she recently got her USA citizenship, so we encourage guests to ask her things like, "whats the capital of South Dakota?" or "who was the 17th President's Vice-President?"

Christopher and Michelle Ellis

Christopher is from Philadelphia, PA, but also lived in South Jersey until he was 16, then his family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. Eventually he found them. While there he worked in all facets of the restaurant business, even working for such noted chefs as Wolfgang Puck and Nancy Oakes. Eventually he moved back to the Philly Area, marrying Michelle in 2001. They both love to travel and have visited 15 countries with more to follow. Some of his passions are downhill skiing, fine wines, and getting his heart ripped out each and every year by the Eagles, Phillies, and Flyers. Well, not the Eagles so much anymore!


Christopher Ellis Owner

Michelle is from Marlboro, NJ. Growing up she spent every summer in Ortley Beach at the Jersey Shore, working on the boardwalk, life-guarding, and spending as much time on the water as she could. In addition to her current duties with KLBT, she also works for American Airlines as ground crew, which means she can indulge in one of her favorite hobbies, travel. Her friends might be surprised to know that she was one of the first girls to play in the boys little league in her town, and was a competitive ice skater and ballroom dancer through college.

 Michelle Ellis Owner